Welcome! This is the documentation for programmers working on (not to be confused with programmers working with Gratipay’s web API).

DB Schema

is_suspipicous on participant can be None, True or False. It represents unknown, blacklisted or whitelisted user.

  • whitelisted can transfer money out of gratipay
  • unknown can move money within gratipay
  • blacklisted cannot do anything

The exchanges table records movements of money into and out of Gratipay. The amount column shows a positive amount for payins and a negative amount for payouts. The fee column is always positive. For both payins and payouts, the amount does not include the fee (e.g., a $10 payin would result in an amount of 9.41 and a fee of 0.59, and a $100 payout with a 2% fee would result in an amount of -98.04 and a fee of 1.96).