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from datetime import timedelta
import uuid

from aspen.utils import utcnow
from gratipay.models.participant import Participant
from gratipay.utils import erase_cookie, set_cookie

SESSION = b'session'
SESSION_REFRESH = timedelta(hours=1)
SESSION_TIMEOUT = timedelta(hours=6)

[docs]class User(object): """Represent a user of our website. """ # Constructors # ============ def __init__(self, participant=None): self.participant = participant @classmethod
[docs] def from_session_token(cls, token): """Find a participant based on token and return a User. """ return cls(Participant.from_session_token(token))
[docs] def from_id(cls, userid): """Find a participant based on id and return a User. """ return cls(Participant.from_id(userid))
[docs] def from_username(cls, username): """Find a participant based on username and return a User. """ return cls(Participant.from_username(username))
def __str__(self): if self.participant is None: out = '<Anonymous>' else: out = '<User: %s>' % self.participant.username return out __repr__ = __str__ # Authentication Helpers # ======================
[docs] def sign_in(self, cookies): """Start a new session for the user. """ token = uuid.uuid4().hex expires = utcnow() + SESSION_TIMEOUT self.participant.update_session(token, expires) set_cookie(cookies, SESSION, token, expires)
[docs] def keep_signed_in(self, cookies): """Extend the user's current session. """ new_expires = utcnow() + SESSION_TIMEOUT if new_expires - self.participant.session_expires > SESSION_REFRESH: self.participant.set_session_expires(new_expires) token = self.participant.session_token set_cookie(cookies, SESSION, token, expires=new_expires)
[docs] def sign_out(self, cookies): """End the user's current session. """ self.participant.update_session(None, None) self.participant = None erase_cookie(cookies, SESSION)
# Roles # ===== @property def ADMIN(self): return not self.ANON and self.participant.is_admin @property def ANON(self): return self.participant is None